Ted Greene [harmonija, akordi]

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Ted Greene [harmonija, akordi]

Post by Pablo » 01 Jul 2017, 11:49


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Re: Ted Greene [harmonija, akordi]

Post by tommytigh77 » 07 Jul 2017, 17:18

Čovek institucija. Skoro Bogotac reče na njegovom forumu: ''Ted wasn't interested in a career, as in recording and touring, but he was THE genius of solo guitar. There are videos floating around from his students where he's playing such incredible music. I guess the closest I can come to describing it is that he could improvise modern classical music - and by modern I mean the voicings and harmonic movement were in the realm of Wayne Shorter, but add the voice leading of each individual note... you have to hear it to believe it.''
Ne bih imao šta da dodam. Sajt je neverovatna količina gradiva, nepregledna (i pritom besplatna) biblioteka harmonije za gitaru... hvala do neba ljudima koji su to sve skupili i održavaju online.
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